7th Grade American History

Week of 5/13: Civil War. Test 5/21 (tuesday)

4th Quarter Binder Check
Last thing of 3rd quarter: Extra Credit for 3rd Quarter

Marbury v. Madison
Building a New Nation
War of 1812/Warhawks
Political Banners project
Chapter 11/12 Study Guide
Dilemmas Notes
McCulloch v. Maryland
Chapter 11/12 Test
Trail of Tears
Federalist Era
Industrial Development
Slave Population chart
Slavery in 1800s
Equiano Account
Slave Narrative Essay Directions
Dred Scott Case or Scott v. Sanford
Slavery Test
Civil War notes
Resources and Amelia Letter
Geography of Civil War
Emancipation Proclamation
Great Naval Battle
Why the Civil War?
Civil War Test

Week of 5/6: Build up to Civil War Test Thurs 5/9

mapserver.lib.virginia.edu ---Slave population website
Slavery Notes


Binder Check to end 3rd Quarter 3/8/13

  • Private Yankee Doodle (SOAP Worksheet)
  • Chapter 6/7 Study Guide
  • Revolutionary War Test
  • Chapter 8 Packet (Bookwork when I was gone first week of quarter)
  • Summary of Articles of Confederation
  • Hamilton v. Jefferson
  • On the U.S. as an Independent Nation
  • American Identity (Picture of the cabin/farm on it)
  • Chapter 8 Study Guide
  • Chapter 8 Quest
  • I’m Just a Bill
  • Checks/Balances and How a Bill Becomes a Law Study Guide
  • Government Action (Powers of 3 Branches) May be on backside of Checks/Balances
  • Constitution Packet (Grid/Table)
  • Bill of Rights Song Project Directions and your song (if you have it)
  • Bill of Rights Quiz
  • NOTES: Bill of Rights (Just have in your notebook)
  • Amendments 11-27 Quiz
  • Constitution TEST
  • Constitution Make-Up Test

Below are some of the files from the binder check list that you can print off

For Constitution test:
  • PowerPoints
  • Both Amendment Quizzes
  • Checks and Balances
  • Preamble
  • Articles (especially 1,2,3). Know what 4,5,6,7 are but not much in detail
  • Powers for each branch of gov't
  • How a bill becomes a law
  • jeopardylabs.com/play/constitution-test22 Review game