DUE MAY 15th Class YouTube Link to Upload video:

B Period Topics:
Kim S- 9/11
Emily W- Great Depression
Erik W- Cuban Missile Crisis
Natalie- Holocaust
Kendall- Holocaust
Katelyn- 9/11
Thomas- Berlin Wall
Ben J- Civil Rights
Chris- Iwo Jima
Emma- Holocaust
Andrew- Battle of Britain
Theo- Trans-Continental Railroad
Connor- Korean War
David- Washington Monument
Zack- Berlin Wall
Alec- Cuban Missile Crisis
Neha- Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
Scott- Automobile
Ben S- Great Depression

G Period Topics:
Cole I- D-Day
Cole L- Okinawa
Max- Holocaust
Abby 9/11
Justin- Berlin Wall
Jake- 9/11
Collin- Cuban Missile
Julian- Holocaust
Tara- Roaring 20s
Brian- D-Day
Stephen- Great Depression
Michael- Hindenburg
Hannah- Carnegie Steel
Lauren- IndustrialRevolution

Civil Rights Week of 5/6-5/13




G Period Do These by Monday

Read for Monday, be ready for a quiz.

G Period Complete These two down to dotted Line by Thursday..



Interactive Map of European Theater of WWII


Interview with someone that lived through the Depression Due Monday 3/4
Due Friday 3/1


Things to study: Gargle Sheet, Buffalo Soldiers, All PowerPoint, Notes.
  • Militaristic (stop backup from Philippines to Spain), Economic (open trade with China and Japan), and idealistic reason for going to war with Spain (Monroe Doctrine
  • Terms of the Treaty of Versailles and how it set the stage for WWI
  • Wilson's 14 Points
  • Isolationism
  • Ideas of US imperialism, how Industrial Revolution set the stage.
  • Panama Canal
  • Destruction slides- loss of life.
  • Spanish flu (in destruction slides)
  • M.A.I.N. causes, as well as the "spark" (Archduke Franz Ferdinand)
  • Zimmermann telegram & Lusitania sinking getting US into the War

Michael Paxton worked on a presentation to share with you all about WWI. WIll not be on test, but helpful info.
Save image into your notes to help remember the Treaty of Versailles, the main reason we had a WWII

Download this PPT for your iPad. Check out the Spanish Influenza (the flu) slides at the end

Read Gas Fight, be ready for a quiz on Monday about gases, as well as the weapons of WWI

Read letters sent home by WWI soldiers and write your own letter to someone you care about back home.

Week of 1/14: Progressive Era and Women's Suffrage

Chapter 26 Test: Tuesday 1/22
Jeopardy Game: https://jeopardylabs.com/play/progressive-era75

Chapter 26 Study Guide:

Chicago World's Fair Map:

To be completed in class 1/14
Read for HW and save for your notes.

Must be hand-written and in complete sentences.

Week of 12/10: Using good sources, work on binder check (Exam Week)

12/13 HW: Find 3 political cartoons (one has to be at least 25 years old) and find the 5 things to look for in cartoons from Attachment D. So you should have 15 total things found and keep them on your iPad, I will check them tomorrow.

Jeopardy Game:::

Arizona Immigration law Supreme Court Decision

Due Monday Dec 3: Current Event as well as any missing current events
Due Tuesday 12/4: Immigration Project and Display(a short Keynote presentation)

Henry Ford and the Automobile

Political Cartoon and Samuel Gompers article

Who Worked wher in the Industrial Revolutionjobs in numbers industrial.jpg

Don't forget to do your current events before each Monday. Your "freebie" gets renewed for the 2nd quarter (But remember you only get one for the 9 weeks)
This will be current event # 5 due next Monday (10/22). Please mark the date for which each current event is due so I can keep good track of them.
Chapter 23 Notes

Chapter 23 Study Guide

jeopardylabs.com/play/tensions-in-the-west3 Chapter 23 Jeopardy Game

Completed Ch 22 Studyguide