AP Psychology

Welcome to AP Psyche class. Check back to this page regularly for updates, homework assignments and links.

Course Syllabus: Use this for reading assignments and project due dates

Unit One: Statistics, Lab Procedures, Philosophy and Foundings of Psychology

Section One Notes: feel free to have these open during lecture but be sure to annotate in your own words!

Stats Reminders and Lab Procedures

Be sure that you know your measures of central tendancies (mean, median, and mode), Standard Deviation, z Scores, range and variance. Know what they look like on a bell curve and more importantly, know how to use them to prove a point. Our first lab is due via this wiki as a message to me. Here are the 7 Steps of Social Research:
1) Find a question: this is your rationale so explain why you are studying it
2) Pose a hypothesis (null is best), always have a "because"
3) Define your terms (especially the population/sample, IV, DV, Control)
4) Select a research Design
5) Collect the data
6) Analyze the data (use graphs, charts, bell curves, etc...)
7) Report your findings and accept or reject your hypothesis (use Psychology vocab to back up your findings)
Here is your data, be sure to look at the correct class.

History of Psychology:

Use these notes for your reference, be familiar with them but know that we will take each set in detail later in the year.

Unit Two: Neuroscience and Behavior

Unit Three: Behaviorism

Unit Four: Intelligence

Unit Five: Developmental Psychology

Unit 6: States of Consiouness

Sleep lab

Unit 7: Personailty and Psychoanalysis