Advanced American History Summer Reading 2012-2013

Welcome to Advanced American History for the 2012-2013 school year. This will be an intensive course at or above the college level, and as such, I want to hit the ground running. I have decided to assign one general history of the United States to ensure that everyone understands the basic course of American history. It is vital that we all show up the first day having read the book, to set a scholarly tone for this college-level course.


Remini, Robert V. A Short History of the United States. New York, NY: Harper Collins, 2008.

This short work on American history is a good overview, and will give you a solid perspective on the general story. Copies are available in 304. We will have a quiz on this book Friday, August 17, the first week of school. I strongly suggest that you take good notes, as you will be able to use them on the quiz.


You will be required to turn in a dialectic journal with at least 35 entries at the beginning of the first day of class, Tuesday, August 16. A dialectic journal is a listing of quotes or ideas that you find interesting, and a brief explanation of why. Use the following format:

Why quote is important or interesting

Quotes do not need to be from historical figures used in the book itself. That is, you may quote lines from the historian himself, not just quotes that they use as evidence. Any interesting or important line from the book is fair game. Your chief responsibility is to explain why you think it is interesting.

In brief then:

Summer Assignments – Must be done by Thursday, August 16.

  1. Read Remini's A Short History of the United States.
    1. Take notes to be used on the quiz.
    2. Complete 35 items in dialectic journal

In-Class Assignment – Friday, August 17

  1. Multiple-choice open-note quiz on Remini on Friday, August 17.

The intention of these two assignments is two-fold: the Remini book will go a long way toward giving you the necessary background knowledge to pass the Advanced US History class, while also acquainting you with the methods and tactics of good historical scholarship. These are the two goals of the class itself.

If you have any questions, I am available on email at I'm very much looking forward to our school year together. Good luck, and good hunting.