Welcome to a whole new year. On this page you will find discussion topics (click on the push pin above right), your class syllabus, some homework assignments, and even your class notes!
Please review this and have a parent acknolwedge by sending an email or signed paper.

Here is a Study Guide that you will find helpful. Simply go through your class notes, fill it out and you have all of the content knowledge from each lesson at your fingertips.

Mesopotamia and the PreGreeks

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Your best test preparation at this point is to complete your study guide (especially the Big Idea Section) and work on making an argument and then backing it up with examples for class as a practice essay. Do this each night not just before the test

Egypt Greece

Ancient India and China


You should be working on building your shield to use in class. We go to war on November 8th

Rise of Islam and Byzantine Empires Dark Ages Europe Medieval Asia

EXAM STUDY GUIDE (does not include Medieval Asia!)

Second Semester!

Final exam study guide

History vs. Hollywood assignment and rubric (rubric must be submitted on paper to MR. C.)

Reading Assignments for Exploration and Absolutism:
Read Columbus and de las Casas together and compare the two accounts

Colonialism Project

Students will work in groups of 4 from their class to fulfill the requirements in the rubric for the attachment below. Though worldwide colonialism has been very negative in most instances there have been some advancements and positive effects, especially the sharing of culture (even though ultimately native cultures were destroyed in the process). Read and begin working on this. We will divide groups and assign countries in class. The project will be presented on March 27th, 2013 and you must include a printed copy of this rubric for grading.

Readings for Columbus, De Las Casas and the New World